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Welcome to 
Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge
Our goal is to inform our community of the dangers that existed on the undivided lanes of the world most famous bridge. 
The "Golden Gate Bridge."

 "Click On My Chair" 
This could happen to you...!

    The Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District has prolong traffic control for more than 41 years now, since 1960, prior to the present system of plastic cones... In early 1960, Ms. Lucile. Fessenden Dandelet of San Anselmo was an advocate for a lighted lane marker system that is used at San Francisco International Airport. Ms. Dandelet ask that they be tested and used on the span of the Golden Gate Bridge, rather than the proposed "Arches To Give Golden Gate Bridge New Look" prepared "Sverdrup and Parcel Engineering Co. of San Francisco.  At present, the public only account for a $3.00 toll and no more... Please be advised, that you could end-up in a wheel chair, or even death, by driving on undivided lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge under present conditions... 

    Due to the debility of the Board of Directors and the lack of power that the "Building & Operations Committee" have illustrated, they refuse to commit to any safety issues of any kind…This has gone on to long.  Its time for "BSI" Movable Median Traffic Barrier, now, to stop all head-on collisions.  Also, we concur that the suicide deterrent (Z-Clip) system has been talked about for 50 years now.  And the "Newest" safety measure to date on the Golden Gate Bridge, is that of the “Public Safety Railing.”  These safety issues have been on the table for many, and many of years now, and need to be addressed.  Citizen for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge is trying to protect all who drive, walk and bicycle across this vital link between San Francisco and Marin Counties. It's time for the Golden Gate Bridge-Board of No-Directors to become directors and start to direct the bridge manager Celia Kupersmith & the “New District Engineer to commence to the safety issues at hand. How long should we wait-for another 40 years, or so... Please, contact the Golden Gate Bridge District, or me at and voice your opinion.

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Founder & Chairman of the Board 
Robert M. Guernsey

*Director John P. Ehlen, PE Mining  

                              Director Alexandra F. Ehlen

* Director Frank Schweiger

        * Director Danna Kirkbride

 The Board is made-up of three * victims of a head-on collision's

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Suicide Deterrent 
    Public Safety Railing


The car is traveling at a twenty-two angle at 60 mph.

As you can see, there is little damage to the car from hitting the barrier, and your life was spared...

"It's a red-letter day," said Nancy Read, a bridge board member from Petaluma.  "It's the right thing to do, to prevent crossover accidents, to make the most beautiful bridge in the world the safest."  Director Nancy Read & President Fraser with channel 4-news anchor Anthony Moore; upper-right photograph (The Press Democrat, May 23, 1998)

     The Golden Gate Bridge, one of the world's most impressive and beautiful structures, is also one of the most dangerous. Each day thousands of vehicles pass in both directions on a single level span that has no permanent traffic dividers. Instead, plastic yellow cones separate oncoming lanes of traffic. Periodically, a crew moves these cones from one lane to another to adjust the number of lanes to better accommodate commuters in each direction during the rush hour traffic. Needless to say, the bridge is the site of numerous head-on collisions that have resulted in disfigurement and death.


    By various resolutions: Res. 85-293 passed by the Board of Directors and with the installation of the orthographic deck with trapezoidal ribs in the 80's the "Bridge District created what is now being called "Design Immunity." Deeming the bridge may never have a movable traffic barrier on its road surface. Design Immunity is a lawyer’s ploy to stifle the jurors and judge.  In the mid 80s' the bridge district contacted Professor Wolfgang Homburger of the University of Berkley Traffic Institute of Transportation who rejected the preliminary engineering report for the bridge districts Conclusion for a No Barrier.  "Design Immunity, could be used in the district's defense even after the movable traffic barrier and the suicide deterrent are installed...

Through the years, there have been thirty-five deaths stemming from thirty-eight head-on collisions. The public has cried out for some type of barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge span and exhibited much concern for more than five decades. Many independent inventors have designed movable barrier and have approached the Bridge District directly with no success. With a multitude of movable barrier designs that could have been used on the road surface, all barrier concepts failed; thereby the barrier issue was put to sleep and never addressed until now, 1995.

    The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District Board is made-up of members of nineteen board of directors, from six counties. (2) Marin, (4) San Francisco, Board of Supervisors members, (10) prominent businessmen and woman (1) Mayor, (1) organized labor executive secretary, and (1) Labor's union rep. 

    Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge inform you the Citizens of the Bay Area Counties concerning the issue of a movable barrier and the undivided lanes on your world famous bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge. The issue of a movable median traffic barrier on the span is not a new concept, and has been on the minds of thousands of people for more than five decades. Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge is helping by sharing as much information as possible such as; legal documents, information, news articles, and personal tribulation of victims and their head-on collisions on the Golden Gate Bridge or Doyle Drive, as well as information regarding any new proposals to the district on movable median barrier's and their designs.

        On June 27, 1996, at the Administration Offices of the Bridge District, Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge Organization, and many individual citizens demanded that the Golden Gate Bridge District Board of Directors install a movable median traffic safety barrier to eliminate all head-on collisions on the span, and to take action today. 

Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge Committee expressed & asked the Bridge District for:  

  1. The enforcement of the 45 mph speed limit.   
  2. A no-lane change policy.
  3. CHP Bike patrol on sidewalk during commute hours with the use of high-speed radar & cameras. 

"As you can see, time is running-out"   As of March, 2001 the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District has stalled all progress with any related safety items such as: The Movable Median Traffic Barrier, A suicide Deterrent (Z-Clip Barrier) System, and A Public Handrail between the curb lane and the sidewalk.  The Bridge District opted for the "FasTrak lanes." for money, rather than any safety equipment for your life...

We would like to thank everyone for your time and support on this vital issue of public safety needed for the Golden Gate Bridge. You may send our organization E-mail at: or write to us care of: Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge...
 46 Elm Avenue...San Anselmo, CA...94960-2210...Phone: 415-456-3792, ask for Robert.

Respectfully submitted:   

Robert M. Guernsey 
Founder and Chairman of the Board and Directors:                                       
     Sarah G. Guernsey VP 
  Director Frank Schweiger     
  Director Danna Kirkbride     
  *  Director John P. Ehlen, P.E. Mining Specialist     
     Director Alexandra F. Ehlen
Volunteer: Henry H. Guernsey III
     Volunteers: Bernard & Shayne Bialkin

  Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge
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