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To All Traveling to America's Cup:  

October 5, 1999  

    The America's Cup, the oldest regatta in the world, and makes more demands on technology, on stamina and on dedication to teamwork, than any other sport in the world. For only the second time in its 146-year’s history, the America's Cup is not in American hands- and for the second time in history, Americans have the opportunity to bring the Cup back home.

  Our organization wishes to compare the Auckland Harbor Bridge with the Golden Gate Bridge, because they have much in common. Just a few facts: Auckland Bridge has 4 lanes configuration of (2)9 ½ ’& (2)10’. Speed Limit 43-mph Average daily traffic-140,000 a-day. The Golden Gate Bridge has 6 lanes configuration of (4)10’ & (2)11’ Speed Limit 45 mph, Average daily traffic- 142,000 a-day. Through the years, there have been thirty-four deaths in thirty-two head-on collisions on the Golden Gate Bridge, Auckland Harbor Bridge accident rate. There are No head-on collisions to date, since 1991. So you see, the Movable Lane Barrier did save lives after its installation. We would like to do the same for the Golden Gate Bridge, but we need your help!

    In December of 1995, Robert M. Guernsey formed a organization of seven Marin County resident advocates, of which; three were personally involved in a head-on collision, one on the Bridge, one on Doyle Drive and one in Saudi Arabia. The group felt it necessary to petition the Marin County Board of Supervisors, to engage and independent engineering firm, to study the possibility and feasibility for a new method to separate lanes of traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, other than currently employed today, “The Plastic Pylons.” Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge received much public support and interest in the barrier issue after eleven years of silence, the group worked six days a week, eight hours a day in gathering 11,086 signatures in Marin County in three months for the ballot.

   “Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge”, has confirmed plans in launching campaign 2000, the first attempt in saving lives while driving on the worlds most famous bridge ever. We hope you enjoy the most treasured race in the entire world “America's Cup 2000.” The campaign for the Movable Lane Barrier (MLB) is a major milestone in the Golden Gate Bridge’s history as it was in Auckland Harbor Bridge’s effort to win there life saving movable lane barrier installed in 1991. Since the (MLB), there have not been any head-on collisions and nor loss of life on Auckland Bridge. The (MLB) requires nothing short of the finest design and construction in the world. We are one major step closer to achieving the goal of its installation on the Golden Gate Bridge. A win of support generated by your personal experience while crossing the Auckland Harbor Bridge with a (MLB) in place, your voice will make a world of difference. If you feel that the Golden Gate Bridge will be a safer bridge with the (MLB), Please fill out the coupon below and voice your opinion by mailing it to: Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District. Box 9000, Presidio Station; San Francisco, CA. 94129.  Phone NO. 415-921-5858. Or fax it to: 415-456-4794

        Our group is very pleased to have this unique opportunity in bring a Movable Lane Barrier to the Golden Gate Bridge in an effort that promises to be so beneficial to the entire Country, and in bridge safety for all who drive across the GGB. With the first phases of $35,000.00 now funded, we our now seeking corporate sponsorship of $50,000.00 (dollars) per proposal from the Richest 100-250 Americans, worth $1 Billion dollars & more. We are also seeking media exposure, advertising and promotions opportunities. If you agree and would like a victory for the movable lane barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge as the Auckland Harbor Bridge has? Please help us to save lives.    You will be one of are our most influential contributors of this campaign, because you will experience it first hand when you cross the bridge… We pray for all the American’s teams who will take-part in the biggest sailing water sport in the world the America's Cup’s and we know in are hearts that the pride will return back to America's waters in 2000. Challengers for the America's Cup beginning October 18,1999, in Auckland, New Zealand. Good Luck to all.

Please send this notice to Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge
                  C/O Robert M. Guernsey/Chairman of the Board, 46 Elm Avenue- San Anselmo, CA. 94960
I support the Movable Barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge to stop all head-on collisions.  I hereby give the Golden Gate Bridge, Board of Directors my notice and support for the Movable Lane Barrier.                This notice represents freedom of speech. Thank you. 

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    We pray that you will just take a few moments to fill this notice out and mail it to the Bridge Board District from Auckland.

Respectfully submitted,  
Robert M. Guernsey

Founder/Chairman of the Board

© copyright 1999-2000. " Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge."™ 

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