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"Barrier wife"

Sarah Guernsey, tell news media her anguish on barrier issue.
    If you only knew, my comment is of a personal nature. My husband, Robert M. Guernsey, has the past for years dedicated his life to the idea that a Movable Median Traffic Barrier could save saves on the Golden Gate Bridge. Imagine that!  He came up with a concept then designed a prototype. He held a press conference to put the idea out there. He even went so far as to write up an initiative and circulate it throughout Marin County so you, the public, could be the ones to force the bridge district to seriously look into the feasibility of a barrier.  

    This prototype-working model he built was demonstrated and displayed around various shopping malls, to get the public's reaction. Well, the public was simply amazed. Could it work? Was it truly feasibly Well, the Bridge Board stood up and took notice. Fate was on our side.

    Unfortunately, during the past summer of 1996, we encountered many head-on collisions, one resulting in a fatality.  Enter the Bridge Board. Finally, with much prodding, it has allocated money to at least test a barrier. 

    My husband was the catalyst in the effort, for without his tireless undertaking, the barrier issue would not be considered.  Coming from his wife, who, for the past four years, has slept, drank and ate the barrier issue, I commend him for his tireless efforts in trying to make our bridge safer for you and yours. 
Marin Independent Journal
Wednesday, February 5, 1997
Thank you, darling. I love you.
Sarah G. Guernsey
San Anselmo, CA.

"Return Home Safe"