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The head-on collision of Danna L. Kirkbride (C.S.R) on Doyle Drive... 


    I was driving northbound on the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge in the evening rush hour traffic. An uninsured senior citizen got confused about there being no centerline barrier on the bridge and he was in the exit only lane, which he did not want and he tried to change lanes at the last moment, but it was too late and lost control of his car and drove across the no barrier center line and hit my car head-on, totaling it and injuring me. 

    I did have my seat belt fastened for safety, even though it was not the law at that time. My physical injuries were massive, the worst of which was brain damage which was the result of no oxygen and no blood was getting to my brain and my condition became what is known as clinically dead. I had a "do not resuscitate" message in my medical records, but the medical people ignored that and used a heavy electric shock to bring me back to life. I'm in perpetual pain and constantly confused, up to this day. 

    The man who's car clobbered mine filed bankruptcy. For 3 months I was in a coma There was a jury trial, and the defense lawyer argued "don't give this woman any money if you do, we're just going to have to raise your taxes to pay her, so you're only deciding whether you want your taxes raised or not."  The defense won. I wonder if they felt that "you're just blaming big brother for everything. You don't get a dime." My HMO medical care is worse than jailhouse medical care because there are laws about decent medical care for prisoners. The only rule the HMO' s go by is do what is cheapest, not best, to save spending money. 

Sincerely yours, 

Director Danna L. Kirkbride
Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge

Danna Kirkbride, receiver's her Front Page article, 
from Chairmen of the Board Robert M. Guernsey (1997)

"Return Home Safe"