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Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge

 Robert M. Guernsey

Founder &  Chairman of the Board

      Director Schweiger 

                                      Director Kirkbride

November 24, 1997

David Miller Attorney at Law
Council for the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District
Box 9000, Presidio Station
San Francisco, CA 94129-0601

Dear Mr. Miller:

    It has been brought to our attention; a detail of some concern regarding the Golden Gate Bridge's "Design Immunity Clause" set by a ruling from Judge Lynn Taylor in several laws suite brought against the Bridge District in 1996.  We are very concerned on how this may effect any decisions made by the Board of Directors based on Judge Taylor's ruling and how it may harm any effort for the installation for the much needed Movable Median Traffic Safety Barrier (MMB) by Barrier Systems Inc.

    Mr. Carney Campion has said it several times, along with other board members, that if a MMB could be found that would work on the Golden Gate Bridge, then it would be installed. We feel that the BSI barrier is the only barrier in existents today that can take the abuse that may occur between the sixty-two feet (62) of road surface between the towers and/or curb lanes.

    Also, as council to the bridge district, would you have any say or decision, if the Board of Directors incur a split decision, regarding the installation of the BSI's traffic median barrier. Could your legal advise to the board be a deciding factor to the installation of the MMB?  I hope the bridge district takes into consideration how the public may feel if a decision comes back as "No Movable Median Traffic Barrier" needed for the Golden Gate Bridge. As you and others members may realize, people lives are at stake and fender-benders and sideswipes should not be the deciding factor if the lanes our divided and everybody is traveling in the same direction. 

Respectively submitted

Robert M. Guernsey
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge

C. Campion/Bridge Manager
C. Day/ KRON 4
H. Mulak/ KFTY 50

"Return Home Safe"