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Imagination, No-a vision, No-a concept. 
No,  just your basic chicken-sketch on 
a piece of paper...? 

This drawing was sketch out in a hour, so I could see, what my imagination was trying to illustrate to me. This is a visual of part of your creative imagination process. Some of your illustrations will not make any since at first, but keep all of your tough's on paper and one day it will come together for you! 

    Just remember one thing folk's, all idea's have merit, the problem is, what to do with it.  The world is made up of all kinds of people with great ideas, and no where to put them into practice.  A word of friendly advice.

  1. Do not tell any one what you are working on, unless you trust them.
  2. Do all of the work yourself.
  3. Find your own seed money with a good friend/partner.
  4. See if you can get your own idea, product or service produced yourself.
  5. Take your idea, product or service to the market place.


"Return Home Safe"