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Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge

 Robert M. Guernsey

Founder &  Chairman of the Board

      Director Schweiger 

                                      Director Kirkbride

Mr. Albert Boro
Mayor of San Rafael
Director - Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District
City Hall.  San Rafael, CA.

Dear Mr. Boro:
    We would like to thank you for your time an this opportunity to discuss with Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge founder and Director, your insight and leading role with the Movable Median Traffic Barrier issue (BSI).  The movable median barrier will play an essential role in saving lives on the span, if a new policy is adopted for the installation of the BSI's new barrier.   We would also so like to thank you for your great interest that you have exhibited on several occasions as a board of director member during regular section meeting held at the District Administration Building in San Francisco, CA.

     Mr. Boro, you have exhibited to your piers and to the public, that you are in favor of saving lives and provided leadership to other directors that may not share your view.  With your leadership and effort other directors will follow your insight and common sense, we are praying that you continue to lead the fight and exhibit to others that there is a need for BSI's barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge. As an observer to the testing of the one-foot barrier it was plain as day, that if it had occupants in the four vehicles tested that all would have surveyed the impact, both at seven degrees and at 25 degrees.

     After much study on the mmb issue, there doesn't seem to be another mmb that will work on our Golden Gate Bridge. It has been said many times by General Manager Champion, former President Robert Mc Donald, Director Brown, Director Simms, an many others including yourself, "That if there was a mmb that could save lives and prevent head-on collisions, and could be placed on the Golden Gate Bridge, that the district would install it today."  Well that day is not far off; the last field test took place on March 27, 1997 conducted by E-Tech Testing Services, Inc; with combined engineering and crash testing experience of over 79 years.

Analysis and Testing Service:

      Design of Experiments                         
     Data Acquisition                                     
      Data Processing                                    
     Environmental Materials Testing
     Full Scale Vehicle Impact Testing
     Static and Dynamic Materials Testing
     Vibration and Endurance Testing

* Testing and evaluation of safety features is conducted in strict accordance with Nationally and Internationally recognized procedures and standards.

      On Wednesday March 27, 1997; John F. LaTurner, P.E. from E-Tech and his crew held there certification testing involving a 1800 lbs. Ford Festiva car, and on Thursday March 28, 1997, a Chevy 3/4 ton pick-up truck- both were traveling at approximately sixty-two m.p.h. at a twenty-five degree angle in the community of Lincoln, CA

     In attendance were Director. Schweiger, Director Kirkbride, and Chairman Robert Guernsey; the media was there in force as well as Barrier Systems Inc., being well represented. Several Cal-Trans representatives were also there to observe the crash test. On Wednesday Mr. Carney J. Campion general manager, John Fraser President of the board, Attorney for the district, and Mr. Giacomini-District Engineer were in attendance, and on Thursday only the district engineer showed up to observe. "Am I to understand that out of a membership of nineteen board members, nobody could find time to view the test for him or herself?  We are lead to believe that the district has either made-up its mind to install the movable median barrier or it just is not interested in saving the public lives, and is not willing to install this needed barrier.

         For the first time in as many years as eleven, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District has made an effort to control and prevent head-on collisions on the span.  In June of 1996 the first of five head-on collisions occurred and one death.

           The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District and the Board of Directors have allocated $ 42.500.00 to Barrier Systems Inc., of Carson City, NV. In July of 1996, for the development of their "New" one-foot wide steel clad, concrete filled movable median barrier designed specifically for use on the Golden Gate Bridge span. In an additional to a $50.000,00 grant for a feasibility study of the BSI's new one-foot movable barrier, being conducted by Robert K. Seyfried, P.E. from the Northwestern University Traffic Institute.     There have been many disputes whether or not to install this barrier or any barrier for that matter.  In your own words, Mr. Boro  

          It is beyond most people's comprehension how anyone can't see with the installation of a movable barrier on the span, why it should not save lives and You Mr. Boro, have an opportunity to protect, serve and to save human lives.  The public hopes that you will think of their safety when voting on this issue.  Our group will be seeking national TV coverage for this vital and life saving barrier this spring.

Respectfully yours:   

Robert M. Guernsey
Founder & Chairman of the Board

Director Schweiger
Director Kirkbride  

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