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    This event was very special to me, because it gave me a chance to meet with you, the voters  of Marin, Sonoma, Napa and San Francisco counties, to hopefully gather enough signatures to just qualify for the November primary, and to illustrate how a movable median traffic barrier could be placed on the world famous "Golden Gate Bridge" in saving lives and to stop all head-on collisions from occurring.   Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge's,  Director's Frank Schweiger, Danna Kirkbride and my self were able to inform you the voters of any possibility of placing a traffic barrier on the GGB.

     The shoppers flocked around the scale model of the Golden Gate Bridge,  in groves (it took RMG, one year to build it).  Men, woman, teens, children, grand-parents and even great grand parents.   From civil engineers to structural engineers, business men & woman, construction workers & housewife's, people of all walks of life passed by to see the possibilities of the great bridge and traffic safety.  The Northgate Mall administration office director received my staff with open arms and assisted our needs in bring this special event alive to the Northgate Mall Shoppers and the general public. 

I would like to thank the shoppers and the staff of at the Northgate Mall for the warm welcome that we received by all.


This event took place on, March 23 & 24,  
of 1996 in the Northgate Mall.

"Return Home Safe"