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This advertisement ran the day-after
the press conference in the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle
on, Wednesday, February 21, 1996

Please cut PETITION on and Photocopy then fill-out as indicated!

ATTENTION Register Voters of Marin county!  this petition requires 11,000 signatures by may 20, 1996 just to qualify for the November primary.  in your behalf, I must take this opportunity to save your life now.   Please sign the petition and fill out the Declaration of Circulator at the bottom of this petition.   We Thank You for your support in this life saving issue.     Sponsored By supporters of:  Lucien F. Remy.

Initiative measure to be submitted directed directly to the voters

The County Counsel has prepared the following title and summary
of the chief purpose  and points of the proposed measure:

    Request to the Board of Supervisors to look into the possibility and feasibility of providing a new method to divided lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge.  The purpose of this measure is to direct the Marin County Board of Supervisors within a reasonable time after the enactment of the measure by a majority vote of the persons voting therefore, at a regularly scheduled election, to look into any possibilities and conduct a feasibility study for a method, other than that currently employed, to divide lanes of traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge.  The proponents of the measure declare that the current system of lane reversal cones to separate opposing lanes of traffic on the Bridge are inferior and have caused death, bodily harm and property damage to persons driving on the bridge.

Declaration of Circulator

(Must be completed After above signatures have been obtained)

   I,__________________________________,am a registered voter in the county of Marin, California.          PRINT FULL NAME

     My residence address is,    
.                                 STREET,     CITY,     STATE,      ZIP CODE

I circulated this section of the petition and saw each of the appended signatures being written. Each signature on this petition is, to the best of my information and belief, the genuine signature of the person whose name it purports to be.  All signatures on this document were obtained between,________________________1996 and
Month, Day
Month, Day

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that this entire declaration is true and correct. Executed on   ___________________,1996 at _____________________ CA.
Month, Day
                 City, State

                                  Signature (Full Name) of Circulator

          Circulator Instructions: Use ink or ball-point only.  All signatures will be Invalid if the Declaration of Circulator
is not completed and signed!  Please return all petitions By May 20, 1996. 
Return To:  Lucien F. Remy-PO Box 142-Fairfax,  CA. 94978

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