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Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge

 Robert M. Guernsey

Founder &  Chairman of the Board

      Director Schweiger 

                                      Director Kirkbride

July 16, 1997

Mr. Henry Mulak - KFTY Channel 50 News
533 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA  95402

Re: News North of the Bay – Fact or Fiction

Dear Mr. Mulak-KFTY News Director & Producer,

      As you are well aware of, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District has for the past thirty years defended the “No Movable Barrier Attitude." Up to this point, the Bridge District has denied access for this life saving device and has successfully fought the traffic barrier issue to near extinction! Because of public pressure and five head-on collisions, the Bridge District decided to invite Barrier System Incorporate back in hopes of re-design their two foot barrier, into their new one foot barrier. Several test were preformed to show that the Bridge District is doing something about the life threading issue of saving lives on the span.

     Judging by your lead-opener at NBC News, I am under the impression that, "You the Producer" have “News North of the Bay" therefore, you should dispatch an investigative journalism reporter and do an in-depth special story regarding the No Barrier Attitude and air the report based on you’re findings.  So far, I have not seen any stories based on such facts regarding the Movable Median Traffic Safety Barrier. (The IN's & Out's. The Good & Bad. The life threading issue of Death vs. Traffic Safety on the span.)

     I feel that time is running out for the public and for the daily commuter.  The issue of a Movable barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge will never get any closer than it is now!  In July or August, the Bridge District, Board of Director's will make a vital decision over the Movable traffic safety barrier, based the supposition that the Golden Gate Bridge has “Design Immunity” from this life saving device!  (Fact or Fiction).

     The district by public pressure has reduced the speed limit and is trying to enforce it, at a cost of over $120,000.00.  In addition to this cost, there is an additional cost for the bridge maintenance vehicle that drives across the bridge several times a day (if that). The public deserves to know why, there is  "No Traffic Barrier" separating life from death on our world famous Golden Gate Bridge.  Please do an "in-depth special report based on Public Opinion." before a decision is reached by the Board of Director's to accept or reject the proposed BSI's Movable traffic barrier?  Let us give the power, back to the people.  This information can change a person's life forever.  The support notice will appear in the Chronicle & Examiner on Sunday, July 27, 1997

  Respectfully yours,

 Robert M. Guernsey
Chairman of the Board

Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge  


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