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Golden Gate Bridge Movable Median Barrier
Pledge of $150.000.00

John P. & Alexandra F. Ehien Foundation
EIN 31-6621611
Internal Revenue Service Notice Date 06/09/99

San Francisco, CA 94115
Tel: 415- 922-9760
Fax: 415- 474-3849  

February 03, 2000

Mr. Robert Ross/President
Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District Box 9000, Presidio Station
San Francisco, CA 94128-0001
Fax 415-923-2367

 Subject:     GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE MOVABLE MEDIAN BARRIER Pledge of $150,000.00

 Dear Mr. Ross:

    We are modifying our November 23, 1999 Pledge of $100,000.00 as follows:

 A.        Lobbyist Fee

We will pay to The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation up to $50.000.00 for work with an experienced lobbyist such as Ann Epart to perform the work needed to add The Barrier Work as a correction bill to Tea 21, currently at $32 billion. Former Penn State Professor Thomas Larson, and House Committee member Bud Schuster are currently working on this bill.

 B.        Barrier System Fabrication

We are pledging to provide Financial Support for The Barrier Project Fabrication in the amount of $ 100,000.00. We will pay the full amount one month after fabrication by Barrier Systems Incorporated has started, payable to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District.

 As a Director/Engineer of Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge, we are making this donation on behalf of its organization and goals for Golden Gate Bridge Safety.  

We would like to make a presentation of Our Gift at the next Building and Operating Committee Meeting that also has The Barrier Project scheduled for discussion.  

We wish to thank Capital Grant Program Manager Nina Rannells for her help and suggestions.

Sincerely yours, 

John P. Ehlen & Alexandra F. Ehlen

Cc:      Nina Rannells/Capital Grant Manager
            Robert M. Guernsey/Chairman of the Board


 "Return Home Safe"