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Sears & Co

Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge, has sent this document to over One Hundred and Twenty-Five, Corporate Sponsor and  Community leaders, for Corporate Sponsorship and Community Support, in hopes of raise funds for the installation of the movable median traffic barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge.
between; October 4, 1999 through January 15, 2000 

     I am the Chairman and Founder of “Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge”.  We are interested in Corporate Sponsorships for the Golden Gate Bridge and Doyle Drive Movable Traffic Safety Barriers installation. We have worked for the past decade to create safe driving conditions, while preventing head-on collisions on the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. The installation of a Movable Median Barrier will save the lives of our families, community and commuters using the Bridge on a daily basis.

 The Golden Gate Bridge Ten-Year Accident Record Without a Barrier:

       Number of Accidents                78
       Number of Injuries                    46
       Number of Fatalities                  8
Current Operations Utilizing a Barrier Systems Inc. of Carson City, Nevada Barrier:
       Locations                  Auckland Harbor Bridge, New Zealand; Coronado Bridge, San Diego, CA
       Head on Collisions     None
       Other Accidents        20% to $40% Reduction in Number of Accidents; Use 30% as average
      Capital Cost              $6,937,000
      Model                       Narrow Quick Change Movable QMBtm
      Time to complete       One year after approval to proceed

Doyle Drive:
     Status:                      The latest Cal Trans Report shows the need for this type of Barrier.
    Capital Cost:               $3,000,000
    Time to complete        120 days after approval to proceed.

    The cost of eliminating three crossover accidents is less than the cost of The Doyle Drive Barrier.
One year’s accident reduction will also pay for it. It needs to be fabricated concurrently with The Bridge Barrier and be ready for operation on September 01, 2000.   


    We are asking you as a leader (To whom the letter is addressed to) to please consider making a safe driving environment on The Golden Gate Bridge and its approach road, a high priority in your public concerns. Most of the drivers are commuters from Marin County, and many of your employees will join these ranks when you relocate to the Presidio.  This barrier work is in accordance with a long-standing commitment to motor vehicle safety and is consistent with goals to save lives and minimize injury to all vehicle users. The BSI Barrier is an innovative solution in Traffic Barrier Design. We have been working with The Bridge Directors at their public meetings and have demonstrated our ability to work effectively with them.  There are few better causes than public safety. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to discussing this with you in the next few months. 

Respectfully yours,  
Robert M. Guernsey
    This document was written by Director John P. Ehlen & Director Alexandra F. Ehlen We are in the process now, of sending out several hundred more proposals to all concern citizens  with financial powers that could facilitate the need to protect the daily commuter from deadly harm due to  an head-on collision on the Golden Gate Bridge, including; Chairman of the Board, Presidents, District Managers, Operating Managers, General Managers, and Public Relations leaders, and state government agencies and to Washington D.C.
Allied Van Lines America West Airlines American Airlines American Linen 
American Standard  ARCO Corp. AutoDesk Inc.  Avis Inc 
B.F. Goodrich Co. Bank of America Bechtel Foundation Bekins Van Lines
Big Joe Fork Lifts Bridgestone Tires Bridgestone/Firestone Butler Buildings
California Bank Canon USA  Caterpillar Cellular One
Century 21  Charles Schwab Chevron Corp Coca- Cola
Continental Airlines Cooper Tire and Rubber Daimler Chrysler Danka  Machines
D. & L. Packard Fdntn. Delta Airlines Delta Dental EQUILAN
Shell EXXON Corp. Farmers Insurance Federal Express Fireman’s Fund Ins.
Fitness USA Ford Foundation Ford Motor Company Gap Stores
General Electric General Motors Corp. GM Foundation  Goodyear Tire & Rubber
Guide Dogs for the Blind Hallmark Hertz Corp  Home Depot
Honda Hyatt Hotels Hyster Trucks IBM
Isuzu  K-Mart Kia Kohler Plumbing 
Longs Drug Stores Lucas Films, Ltd. Lucky Store Inc Mann Community Fdntn.
Marriott Hotels Meineke Mufflers    Merrill Lynch Metropolitan Life Ins.
Michelin/Uniroyal  Microsoft Corporation  Minolta Cameras Mitsubishi
Montgomery Wards   Nikon Cameras North American Van Lines  North West Airlines
Pacific Bell Paine Webber Papyrus Pepsi Co
PPG Industries Precision Tune Prudential Ins. Co.  Radio Shack 
Richo Business Systems Saab Safeway Sanwa Bank 
SF BMC Sharp Business Systems Sheraton Hotels
Sprint   State Farm Auto Ins. Target Stores Thomasville
TOSCO Trans World Airlines Transamerica Corp United Air Lines
United Parcel Service United Van Lines Volkswagen Volvo 
Walgreen Drug Stores Wal-mart Wells Fargo & Co. Western Union
Yokohama Tire Zep Maintenance & Products Local Union # 250-A  Local Union # 624
Local Union # 6 Local Union # 38 Local Union # 21   Local Union # 3 
Local Union # 377 District Council # 8 District Council Carpenters. District Council Cement Masons.
Marine Engineers  District 

"Return Home Safe"