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Warning; You may be up-set to know some small details, about your bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge and its Empire...    Golden Gate Bridge User Tax Contract   Bridge median barrier should move forward
Golden Gate span collision claims life
Golden Gate Bridge suicide barriers can be both effective and esthetic

  QWICK KURB®  Movable Lane Separation System

Board of Directors Meeting Calendar
Status on Miscellaneous Bridge Capital Projects:   GGB Barrier,  GGB Suicide Deterrent,  GGB Public Hand Railing
E-Toll on Golden Gate Bridge
Work slow on bridge barrier
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District's Mission
Blood Alley’ can’t be fixed fast enough
Agreement between Golden Gate Bridge And  The State of California   (The use of the Plastic Yellow Cones)
First Movable Barrier design
A Dream in the Making
Conclusion of MMB Study
Photographs of the World most famous bridge
Inventor touts bridge barrier
Golden Gate Bridge Movable Median Barrier Pledge
The Northgate Shopping Center News
Improving traffic safety on the Golden Gate Bridge is not easily solvable
Press Conference
Bridging the gap
Letter to Mayor Al Boro, City of San Rafael, CA
Press Conference Advertisement
Sample Letter To Corporate Sponsorship and Community Support
Corporate Sponsorship and Community Support
Bridge barrier pitched on the Web
News Directors & Producer's
Cartoon Strip on barrier issue
Please Join Us
View questionnaire survive
America's Cup
Bridge barrier effective in tests
Local proponents of median barrier urge GGB board to quit stalling
Letter to Press Democrat 
Fatal crash closes Golden Gate Bridge
Where's the justice for David Sutton?
Movable Barrier May Be Possible for Golden Gate Bridge
Don't give up on barrier
Unfair and unjust
Letter to District Councilor David Miller
Barrier Wife
Letter to Celia Kupersmith, General Manager
Crash renews debate on G G Bridge barrier
Fatal Pile-up Snarls Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge Board Agrees On Barrier Test
Golden Gate Bridge Panel OKs Crash Tests on Movable Median
Build the Safety Barrier
Action Is Overdue On Gate Bridge Barrier
Golden Gate Bridge Barrier Test Encouraging

The head-on collision of Danna L. Kirkbride

New Bridge Barrier Designed by San Anselmo Inventor

The Retractable Delineator System and Specification for the proposed barrier system
Proponents of other proposed Movable Median Barrier Design's & Information
Concerned Citizens Comment
What people are saying
Letters to the Bridge District
May 1999 Letter to the Bridge District & Response

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