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Suicide, seems to be an important time in some peoples lives. What I mean to say is, Some people take a great deal of time to ponder the thought of jumping off the world's most famous bridge The Golden Gate Bridge, and committing suicide, because there feel that this is the only way out of there dilemma...

  Members of the Golden Gate Suicide Barrier Coalition Are:

Note from CFASGGB - Chairman: 
    We hope in some small way, that the organization can made a public merit on bridge safety for the  Golden Gate Bridge, We hope that the bridge will be safe for all to enjoy, through- walking. jogging or just driving across our world famous bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge....  It will take a little caring help from you the "Public, So if you can help save a life... Feel free to contact: Chairman of Citizens for a Safe Golden Gate Bridge;  Mr. Robert M. Guernsey: at 415-456-3792 or Email At:  or you can contact Chairman of the Golden Gate Suicide Barrier Coalition; Mr. John Vidaurri- at: 415-383-1106

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How many people have jumped off the bridge?

Outreach article:Suicide Barrier on Golden Gate Bridge?  Suicide Prevention & Community Counseling. 
GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE Report Status for: Suicide Deterrent System. Public Safety Rail, and the Movable Barrier.
Where Are They Now? A Follow-up Study of Suicide Attempters from the Golden Gate Bridge
By: Dr. Richard H. Seiden
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Minutes of January 25, 1999 meeting


Suicide barrier on Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge suicide barriers can be both effective and esthetic

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